The Advocate and God’s Word

“Lord, to whom shall we go;
You have the words of eternal life.”

It struck me recently as we experience our new “normal” with the advent of COVID-19 how, actually, we ae always in transition or experiencing times of change. Let me remind you:

  • Spiritually we are being transformed by the renewing of our minds.
  • Physically we are being transformed as we grow and develop from childhood to old age.
  • Emotionally we experience some form of ups and downs.
  • Relationally we observe others changing around us which causes us to adapt.

Add to those other changes like situational change, occupational change, cultural change, economic change, governmental change…Do I need to go further? Even those institutions that we rely on for some sense of stability are transforming:

  • Family: children grow up and move out
  • Church: historical and local change
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The Advocate and Obedience

Jesus explained to His disciples that he would ask the Father to send another just like Him, the Spirit of Truth, to be His Advocate. And He would be with them forever. What good news for today. Forever; imagine that for a minute or maybe two! That’s a long time. COVID-19 won’t be with us forever, but the Spirit of Truth will.

He will empower Jesus’ followers to keep believing into Jesus; to abide in intimate relationship with the Triune God; to continue Jesus’ work; to keep praying according to everything that Jesus is, says, and does, and to love Jesus and keep His commands.

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